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Private Health Insurance, or as it is more generally known, Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is becoming ever more popular.
Below is some straightforward advice from Mosaic Health on this form of insurance and the benefits it can provide.

  • If you or your family need medical attention, you’ll receive it promptly, avoiding NHS waiting lists.

  • Private patients enjoy privacy, immediacy, choice and a premium experience.

  • Access, if appropriate, to drugs not readily available to NHS patients, because of government cost restraints.

  • Costing less than you would expect, Private Health Insurance ensures you will never be left waiting or wanting when it comes to health care.


In the UK, although we all benefit from free health care through the NHS, a PMI policy can provide peace of mind in the event of treatment delays due to NHS waiting lists.
PMI is specifically designed to cover the cost of short-term private treatment for unforeseen, acute curable medical conditions you may suffer from in the future. At one end of the scale this might be something relatively minor like a broken bone through to much more serious conditions such as cancer or a heart attack.

PMI should not be seen as an alternative to the NHS, but complementary to the care to which you are entitled as a UK resident. You’ll often get the same treatment as on the NHS, but just more quickly and with more choice with possible access to treatments not available on the NHS.

Additionally, you would usually enjoy the privacy of your own room complete with TV, en-suite facilities and an a la carte menu so you can choose what you would like to eat.

The benefits of PMI for the self-employed

With PMI cover you’ll be able to choose where and when your treatment will take place and the specialist you would like to treat you. This may be particularly important if you are self-employed or running your own business as you may need access to treatment when it suits you, according to business commitments, rather than relying on NHS timescales.

Why get independent advice?

Choosing the right policy to provide the cover you want can be complicated and time-consuming. Getting independent advice will not cost you any more than going direct, but when you need to claim you’ll reap the benefits and be covered for what you thought you were.

Many policies will cover diagnostic treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as providing private ambulances, home nursing and discounts on annual check-ups.
It should be noted, however, that some things may not be covered, such as pre-existing conditions, GP services, cover for incurable illness and Accident and Emergency hospital admissions. Other exclusions include treatments you choose to have (known as elective treatment) such as cosmetic surgery, fertility treatment, HIV, psychiatric conditions, as well as some experimental treatments.

How Mosaic Health can help you

Mosaic Health can help you find the policy to meet your needs and budget by comparing the various health insurance schemes on the market in order to find the cover that’s right for you, your circumstances and your budget.

And, if you already have cover, we would be pleased to review your current policy to help ensure that you are getting the right cover at the best price. And the good news is our service will not cost you anything!

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