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  • Emigrating but need an insurance policy you can trust to cover you and your family?

  • Looking for the right international cover for your business and employees?

  • If you fell ill overseas, would your insurance policy evacuate you to the right county for the right treatment, or repatriate you if necessary?

Individual cover for expatriates

International cover is not only there for companies and their employees, it is also available to expatriates who have emigrated for personal reasons. International private medical insurance schemes offer individuals and their families a wide range of cover options to meet their specific needs and geographical circumstances.

Mosaic Health can offer impartial and professional advice o¬n the cover best suiting the individual’s needs.

Global company health insurance

With more and more businesses expanding overseas, there is a real requirement to make sure that employees and their families’ health and wellbeing will be properly looked after in the event of illness or accident.

Global company health insurance policies are designed to cover these needs.

No matter where you are based in the world, there is a health insurance scheme that can be tailored to your environment and individual circumstances.

Mosaic Health can help you find the right company international private medical insurance policy.

Benefits for company employees

  • Full medical expertise for expatriates and their families wherever they are in the world.
  • Repatriation home if very seriously ill.
  • Evacuation if you cannot get the right treatment in the country in which you are based.
  • 24-hour access to global health information – most insurers have fact sheets about healthcare systems, risks and travel advice online.

Benefits for company employers

  • Employee Wellbeing: You will be safe in the knowledge that all your international employees will have comprehensive medical cover.
  • Portable Medical Cover: Your employees will be covered in all countries selected as part of your area coverage: no need for separate policies in different countries.
  • Business Continuity: Not necessary to replace an employee who would otherwise have to come home for treatment. As long as he can still work while awaiting treatment.
  • Dedicated Client Representatives: On a regional/global basis as well as in the organisation’s home country.

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