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A health screen can give you a detailed picture of your physical health and fitness, together with expert advice to help you make positive lifestyle decisions.

Why have a health screen?

  • Need or want to know your risk factors for disease?

  • Convinced there is a pre-existing problem that needs identifying?

  • Need help choosing the right screening product at the best price to suit your budget?

  • Looking for great rates for Bupa and Nuffield Health screenings?

Factors to take into consideration if looking to have a health screen

The types of health screen available vary significantly in their content and in price.

Ideally, you should select a health screen that is tailored to your requirements, according to your sex, age, family and medical history. The range of products on offer includes full health screens, executive health screens, personal health profiles, well man and well woman screens, as well as individual tests and check-ups such as breast screening, prostate cancer screening and cardiac screening.

Why go through us?

Mosaic Health has access to very competitive rates for Bupa (25% discount off standard rates) and  Nuffield Health (20% discount off standard rates) health screenings for individuals. We can arrange the booking and handle all the administrative work for you and advise which screening would be most appropriate to meet your needs.

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