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  • Offer your employees a third party support system for emotional, legal and financial issues.

  • Support your HR and management staff with access to expert resources.

  • Tackle stress, absenteeism, increase productivity and lack of workplace moral.

  • Demonstrative care for employees.

What is an EAP and how can it benefit your company?

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides companies and their most vital assets, namely their employees, with a cost-effective and unique resource.

EAPs include round-the-clock support, advice, information and, where needed, qualified counselling covering a range of topics from managing pressure, tackling stress and anxiety, changes in work or home life, child care, elderly care, family and relationship issues through to bereavement support. Services can be bespoke for each company according to their needs.

Benefits for company employees

  • Information and advice on legal, financial and other matters.
  • Assistance with locating child and dependant care, personal finance and debt, consumer law and benefits.
  • Support through life’s more difficult times such as bereavement, relationship difficulties and redundancy.
  • Support to help improve wellbeing and personal development by providing new perspectives, skills development and life management strategies.

Benefits for company employers

Expert resources to aid effective management including:

  • Professional consultation – at the end of the phone to complement HR, management and peer support.
  • Managing performance – supporting effective identification and response to staff productivity and absence.
  • Managing risk – Expert advice and assistance in dealing with alcohol and drug cases, bullying and harassment, stress, grievance and disciplinary actions.
  • Managing oneself – Personal support with stress and anger management, relationship development, team-building and personal skills enhancement.
  • Managing situations – ‘Coaching’ through appraisals and difficult interviews.

Benefits for the company

Access to specialist resources to help you:

  • Comply with health and safety legislation.
  • Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.
  • Manage risk-sensitive issues such as stress, bullying and alcohol and drug issues.
  • Manage staff issues more effectively.
  • Improve team performance.
  • Improve use of HR and line management time.
  • Develop better soft skills amongst managers.
  • Improve understanding of key emotional and psychological staff issues.
  • Provide access to expert resources to ensure appropriate and effective responses.
  • Provide speedy access to specialist responses when they are most needed.

Mosaic Health has the expertise to offer you the right solution to help ensure your company’s performance stays on track.

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