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Group/company Medical Insurance 2017-03-08T11:57:24+00:00
  • A cost-effective benefit for employees and their families.

  • Demonstrative care for your employees’ health and wellbeing.

  • Get employees back to work more quickly, reducing long-term disruption and costs.

  • Get the right products for your company and employees without time-consuming research, reviewed for free annually.

As an employer you need to ensure that the benefits package you provide for your staff remains competitive in comparison to the benefits offered by your competitors. Medical insurance is a valued, and in many industries, an expected employee benefit.

There are many options to consider when deciding on the level of cover to provide for your staff (and their families), ranging from full refund policies, which include benefits such as physiotherapy treatment and alternative treatments, to budget schemes where excess payments may apply with only core cover.

After completing a ‘Fact Find’ and establishing your specific needs, Mosaic Health will undertake a market review and make recommendations. We will advise and help you to make the right decision regarding your company private medical insurance scheme.

Obviously if you already have a scheme set up for your company, we’ll be happy to review your current cover and prepare recommendations as to suitable options, taking into account your budget and other requirements.

Clients of Mosaic Health receive a market review annually as standard, at no additional cost, to ensure you are still getting the best cover to suit your needs and budget.

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