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  1. Has your insurance company refused to pay out on a technicality?
  2. Don’t have the time or energy to challenge their refusal?
  3. Haven’t the resources for legal advice?
  4. Need someone with some expertise and tenacity to challenge this for you?

The nature of private health, life or critical illness insurance means you may need to deal with a claim at a time of great emotional distress.

If that claim does not go smoothly or there are issues, you may not have the time, or emotional energy, to fight your case. Mosaic Health can take on your case/dispute on your behalf, whether you are an existing client or not.

Trained solicitor

Anne Cullinan is a trained solicitor with over 15 years’ experience in the commercial insurance industry before becoming an independent adviser. Her knowledge of the industry, policies, terminologies and ‘small print’, plus her legal training, puts her in a unique position to argue your claim effectively.

Driven by a passion to help, this service is free to existing clients as a discretion. If you are not a client of Mosaic Health, Anne may still be able to assist you if you appoint Mosaic Health to your existing scheme. Depending on the circumstances, she may be able to take up the cudgels on your behalf and investigate the facts behind the insurance company’s decision or actions.

Establish your right to claim

If you have a claim that you feel has been unfairly refused, Anne will discuss your case and options with you first by phone and/or email. If appropriate, she will visit you in your home or office. She will go through your policy and the circumstances of your claim, plus the interaction between you and your insurance company to date, so she has a complete understanding of your circumstances. If she feels there is any hope of successfully challenging your insurance company, she will contact them to try and secure an alternative decision. Her actions may include, studying medical reports, discussing your case with your GP or consultant (obviously only with your express permission) to establish your right to claim, obtaining copies of the original documents setting up your policy including your original application form.

As well as speaking directly to your insurance company she will also manage any conversations you may have to have, and talk you through every step of the process, so you will be kept fully informed. Hopefully this will help minimise the stress you are going through so you can concentrate on the health problems besetting you or your family member.
A positive outcome is obviously not guaranteed but Anne will give you an honest evaluation of how successful she feels your case may be and if you choose to continue will do everything, utilising her professional expertise, to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you.

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